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When is the Right Time to Consider calling a DUI Lawyer?

The right time to call for help from your local DUI attorney is as soon as you are out of jail and able to reach for a telephone. Every minute that passes is going to make it that much harder for your attorney to be in the position to help you get the most favorable outcome. This is not something you should be taking lightly because you not only face serious financial hardships as a result, you could be facing jail time too.

Lawsmith.net give us some of the reasons why it is well advised that you speak with a skilled Greensboro DWI attorney sooner than later.

DWI Attorney GreensboroDepending on the severity of the offense, your DUI lawyer has the ability to plea bargain on your behalf so you are not paying for this mistake for the rest of your life. Once your attorney speaks to the court, they may be able to have the fines lessened and possibly allow you to even keep your license in some situations. These are impossible to obtain without the help of a lawyer.

One of the biggest issues when you are first arrested is the stress of not knowing what is going to happen to you at the court. Instead of dealing with all that added stress, your DUI attorney is available to answer all those questions and concerns that you have. Because each case is unique, your lawyer will be able to paint a picture that will give you best case and worse case scenarios.

Just because the offense paints a picture of what happened does not mean you have to take the officer or their equipment at face value. When you fight for yourself, you are at the mercy of the courts. When you are working with a skilled DUI attorney, they will subpoena all the equipment used and do extensive testing to see if any defects or malfunctions have occurred with said equipment recently.

Your attorney is going to look carefully at the police dash camera to make sure that your rights were upheld at every stage of the arrest. If not, your attorney will ask the entire case be tossed and that you are allowed to go free without any strikes on your record.

Just remember, it will be too late to consider getting a lawyer after you get your sentencing from the judge. Don’t risk your future thinking you can outsmart the courts, do the right thing and get yourself a skilled lawyer today.