HVAC Maintenance Tips for the First Time Homeowner

Air Conditioner Repair Charleston SCThe money you invest in your home is going to be the most you will spend on any other purchase in your lifetime. It only makes sense to take care of the different devices in the house or you will spending money you don’t have at this point just to keep the air temperature inside the house at an ideal level.

Before you simply ignore the HVAC system in your home until problems arise, take these HVAC maintenance tips to heart so you can get the full life out of your system.

1. One of the easiest tasks that you can do to extend the life of the HVAC system is replacing those air filters. When dirt and debris clog the filter, the air handler has to work even harder to be able to push treated air through the long network of ducts. A good rule of thumb is to check and clean the filters at least monthly, then replace them no later than three months.

2. Take a look at the HVAC fan outside and be sure you have clearance around that unit. If a twig or leaves get stuck inside, the fan could slow or stop moving, and the motor will in turn burn out. This is a very costly repair that can be eliminated by do some preventative maintenance on that handler each week.

3. Take a gook look and listen and the inside air handler. If you feel treated air coming out, use duct tape to seal them up. If you hear noises, it could be a belt is loose or the system needs lubrication. It could also be something as simple as the screws holding the case cover in place have come loose, so tightening them will eliminate the trouble.

4. Rather than take your heating and cooling for chance, simply call your local HVAC repair company and allow them to do preventative maintenance every six months. The advantage to having a professional at your home is that they have years experience in this industry and can spot a small issue before it becomes a major problem. This means they can make the repair for a fraction it would cost if they had to come out in an emergency to make the same repair.

By keeping these 4 HVAC tips in mind, you are going to be in the best position to be able to extend the life of the entire system so you can focus your efforts elsewhere.

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