How to Clean Your Gutters Without Going Up a Ladder?

Cleaning you gutters is a very challenging task to do. It really requires time, effort and patience. Aside from these, you will have to equip yourself with proper balance. If you will be using a ladder, you should not be afraid of heights. Knowing those things, it is for sure that you just think that cleaning it is just easy. But one wrong move into the ladder, you will be injured. You are sure that no one would like to hurt themselves just because of cleaning their houses. Is it possible to clean the gutters without even going up a ladder?

Gutter Cleaning made Easy

With the cutting edge technology, it is really possible for you to clean your gutter without even using your ladder. To give you that ease in cleaning this part of your house, here are the following steps to follow:

  1. Prepare the things needed. Above all, before you start working, you will need first to prepare all the things needed. These include the gutter shield, hose flusher, cleaning tongs and shop vacuums are needed. Blower attachments, shop vacuum and its extension tubes are also essential in this cleaning task. Don’t forget to wear your long sleeve shirt and safety glasses for better body protection.
  2. Add the extension elbows and tubes into the shop vacuum. Use this vacuum to collect any other debris or stocked water out from the gutter. Don’t forget to just use the foam filter from the vacuum.
  3. In your leaf blower, attach your extension tubes. The secret in reaching that high part of your house is through these extension tubes. All you have to do is to guide this tool in blowing all the leaves. This debris will be blown towards the gutter channel and all the way down into the ground.
  4. Remove other debris using cleaning tongs. There are already many supply stores that offers this kind of tool. It has built-in trigger that you will have just to pull in order for the tongs to close. Just position this tong over the bulk of leaves, branches and others, then lift this out away from your gutter.
  5. Onto the end part of your garden hose, attach your hose flusher. To make sure that there will be no debris to be clogged again your gutter, you will have to use your garden hose. Just position the hose flusher above the gutter so that the water will flush away the dirt.
  6. Protect your gutter from being clogged by installing gutter shield. To lessen the gutter cleaning job, you can have a gutter shield be installed above your original gutter. This will prevent leaves from getting into the gutter but still allows rain water to drain through it.

It is really indeed possible to clean the gutter without going up there with your ladder. Thanks to the modern technology because it had gave way for smart innovations of tools used in easy cleaning. With all these steps, you are sure that you will finish the gutter cleaning job with ease.  read more here: